• Basic Kosher Tefillin Peshutim

These Tefillin, also known as phylacteries or frontlets, are custom made to order and guaranteed to be of the highest Kosher standards. Each pair of Tefillin are individually inspected by our qualified Sofer (scribe). Each set of scrolls are inspected by computer as well, before assembly. All inspections and assembly are done on our premises Price reflects a complete ready-to-wear Tefillin set with storage boxes. Please specify right handed, left hand, Sefard or Ashkenaz knots when ordering.
For help with your order please contact us at 800-458-6724

The term Peshutim refers to the Tefillin Battim - the black housings that house the Tefillin Parshiot Scrolls.Our Peshutim Tefillin are Mehudarim- superior Peshutim .They are made of  pieces of parchment that are fastened together in a special manner to ensure their Kashrut. Peshutim are the least expensive Tefillin available. The Parshiot Scrolls are written according to Halacha and are guaranteed Kosher. The Rezuot straps are of good quality and the knots will be tied according to your specifications.

BUYER BEWARE!  There are many Tefillin Peshutim available for sale online or in Judaica Shops at discounted prices, much less than ours. Unfortunately many of them may not be the quality you are looking for.  Do your research before buying to ensure you are getting what you paid for..

*If you are a Right-Handed you wear the tefillin on the left arm.
*If you are a Left-Handed you wear the tefillin on the right arm

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Basic Kosher Tefillin Peshutim

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