• Kashruth / A Reference Guide

An authoritative yet practical guide to kashruth observance today, by one of the world's leading experts in a field that grows consistently more complex. This book explains many frequently used terms and contains a wealth of information that is not available anywhere else. Widely acclaimed by experts and laymen alike. Includes the world's most complete list of kosher fish.

Table of Contents



  •     The Kosher Species
  •     Shechita (Kosher Slaughter)
  •     B'dikah (Examination) and "Glatt" Kosher
  •     Nikor / Traboring (De-veining)
  •     Koshering Meat
  •     "Washed" Meat / Seventy-two Hours

Separation of Meat and Milk

  •     The Torah Prohibition
  •     Housekeeping




  •     Chaleiv Yisrael (Supervised Milk)
  •     Cheese
  •     Butter and Margarine
  •     Ice Cream

Bakery Products

  •     Bread, Rolls, Challah, Bagels
  •     Cakes and Pastries

Pas Akum and Bishul Akum

  •     Foods Produced by Non-Jews
  •     Pas Akum and Pas Palter (Commercial Bread)
  •     Bishul Akum (Foods Cooked by Non-Jews)

Alcoholic Beverages

  •     Distilled Beverages
  •     Wine

The Kosher Traveler

The Challenge of Business and Social Obligations

Commerce with Forbidden Foods

T'vilas Kailim (Immersion of Vessels)

  •     The Mitzvah
  •     Utensils Used in Preparing Food

Asking Questions


Appendix: Properly Scaled and Non-Kosher Fishes

  •     Introduction
  •     Properly Scaled Fishes
  •     Non-kosher Fishes

By Rabbi Yacov Lipschutz (Author)

Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 160

Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

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Kashruth / A Reference Guide

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