• Kosher Mezuzah Scroll

The Majestic Mezuzah has an exquisite Ktav. It is hard to believe this scroll was written by hand. Every Jewish home should be privileged to have at least one of these Scrolls adoring their doorposts.

As can be seen from the samples shown, penmanship of scribes differ. Price of Mezuzah are determined by the consistency and exactness of the script. All of our Mezuahs are Guaranteed to be 100% Kosher with a lifetime guarantee. Individually inspected by a qualified Scribe, computer checked and certified Kosher.

Our customer must be satisfied with their purchase from Tiferes Stam. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of Mezuzah Scrolls we will replace it with an equal quality to meet your satisfaction or if you prefer we will refund your purchases. This guarantee applies to all our Mezuzah and Tefillin Scrolls. This does not apply to deficiencies due to normal wear and tear.


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Kosher Mezuzah Scroll

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