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Review of Tiferes Stam Judaica, By Rochelle Miller.
For Jewish Lifestyle Magazine, March 2005.

Tiferes Stam Judaica, the premier purveyor of Sefer Torah and Judaica treasures.

Its Brooklyns best kept secret - a veritable treasure trove of some of the most exquisite merchandise available to the Jewish consumers.

We are talking about Tiferes Stam and Judaica, the direct line for all of your Torah and Judaica needs. It's a store like no other, featuring a stellar selection of Judaica, Torahs and adornments, and magnificent objects d'art - everything you could possibly need for the Jewish home and shul and then some. That this Flatbush landmark has, for twenty years, been the Judaica source of choice for its international roster of customers is not surprising; indeed, Tiferes Stam's commitment to unsurpassed service and integrity above all-else is legendary.

Chances are that you have passed by Tiferes Stam while walking along Coney Island Avenue, between Avenues M and N. Located in the epicenter of Flatbush, in Brooklyn NY. The store's window features an attractive display of the very latest seforim, books and Judaica items. Enter its environs and you will be warmly welcomed and cordially invited to peruse the extensive selection, devoid of pressure. As soon as you are inside, you will realize that a visit to Tiferes Stam is an experience in of itself. Allow yourself ample time to fully acquaint yourself with this gem of a find and see what treasures await you. Did you think that you had to purchase Sifrei Torah in Israel? Be assured that Tiferes Stam is THE source for superlative quality, integrity and value. When you purchase your Judaica and Sifrei Torah from Tiferes Stam, you are dealing with a highly reputable business that stands behind every purchase and has earned a sterling reputation. Their Sifrei Torah, Tefillin, Mezuzos and Megillos are acclaimed by the most prestigious individuals and mosdos throughout the world.

During my recent visit, Rabbi Zvi Chaim Pincus of Tiferes Stam graciously gave me a tour of the entire facility. On the upstairs level, a staff of five certified Sofrim, renowned for their craftsmanship and expertise in writing, inspecting and restoring the Sifrei Torah are assiduously at work, painstakingly attending to every detail. Incidentally, Rabbi Pincus is himself a certified Sofer and internationally acclaimed lecturer on safrus, who has traveled to such distant venues as London, Arizona, California and Texas igniting the 'pinteleh Yid' in remote communities.

Whether Rabbi Pincus addresses audiences on the intricacies of writing and inspecting Sifrei Torah, Mezuzos and Megillos, or assists in coordinating Torah Writing programs or other projects, even those who are removed from their heritage suddenly find themselves recalling cherished memories with a beloved grandparent and being moved to performing more Mitzvos and returning to their traditional roots.

Rabbi Pincus related one such incident to me. He was approached by an individual whose fiance had been tragically killed in a car accident, just weeks before their wedding was to have taken place. The grieving groom, highly successful in his chosen profession, wanted to perpetuate his fiancées memory, and although he was not an observant Jew, he had informed Rabbi Pincus that he wanted to dedicate a Sefer Torah in her memory. When Rabbi Pincus inquired as to why he had decided on a traditional memorial, the man explained that his earliest, most treasured memories were the recollections of time spent with his grandfather. He recalled: accompanying his zaidy to shul as a little boy, and filling in a letter as the Torah scribe completed the Sefer Torah. He never forgot that letter, the completion of a Torah scroll. Even with the passing of time, these precious moments remained forever etched in his memory. Thus he had decided that only a Torah dedication would be a fitting tribute for his late bride, and he carried his wish to fruition. But the story does not end there. Several years have passed since the Torah dedication, and the aforementioned individual is finding his way back to his rich heritage.

Such is the power of the Torah to bring back even those who are far removed. Becoming a Bar Mitzvah is a milestone event for every Jewish boy and his parents. Rabbi Pincus' highly acclaimed Tefillin Workshop enhances the experience immeasurably. Prior to selecting his Tefillin, the Bar Mitzvah boy gleans a wealth of information about the three parts of which they are comprised, how they are assembled and what constitutes the price variations. Upon completing the workshop, the boy and his parents emerge as educated consumers, and are now equipped to make the right decision as to which type of Tefillin best suits their son's needs, Rabbi Pincus told of a call he had received from a woman whose son had heard him speak at his school. So impressed had the youngster been that he had gone home and told his parents about what Rabbi Pincus had spoken about. Now the boy was about to become a Bar Mitzvah and although the family was not observant, he wanted a set of Tefillin as his gift. His mother, remembering how inspired he had been after hearing the rabbi from New York speak about the mitzvah of putting on Tefillin was determined to buy the Tefillin from Rabbi Pincus himself. Rabbi Pincus obliged, and happily, the boy received a set of Tefillin that he will cherish for a lifetime. Truly, Tiferes Stam and Judaica Gallery is no ordinary Seforim store. To the rear of the store, tucked away like a rare treasure, is the gorgeous gallery. A thing of beauty is a joy forever and the masterpieces featured therein will be cherished for a lifetime. Tiferes Stam has a magnificent selection of newly written Sifrei Torah in all size and price categories, many of which are available for immediate completion. They are a major distributor of exquisitely embroidered Poroches and Torah mantel designs. Their exclusive collection of creations are designed by the most gifted and talented craftsmen on select and sumptuous velvets and velours. Only the finest silk and metallic lurex threads are used in these extraordinary, custom embroidered creations. Peruse the pages of their beautiful, full-color catalog to preview the exclusive Tiferes Stam collection of Poroches and Mantels. Orchestrated to perfection, the embroidery and fabrics are unlike anything that you have ever seen.

Whether viewing Tiferes Stam's Silver Gallery in person, on the pages of their catalog or on their website, you will experience the world's most extensive selection of breathtaking silver Torah ornaments and Judaica objects d'art. A veritable silver emporium, Tiferes Stam's silver gallery features over 25 different styles of Torah crowns and adornments to choose from, with exclusive designs that you will not find anywhere else. Savor the experiences of shopping at Tiferes Stam in person, or view their entire collection within the comfort of your home: magnificent silver crowns, Atzei Chaim, breastplates, Sephardic Torah cases, mantels and pointers these awe-inspiring Torah adornments are handcrafted from sterling silver by world-class silversmiths. Unsurpassed in splendor and design, these beautiful treasures provide a true hidur Mitzvah. Tiferes Stam silver gallery features an exquisite selection of gifts to enhance every Jewish home. Unique kipot, talleisim and talis bags are featured, as well. Bring blessing to your home with the beautiful Gan Eden 4-Rivers Cup, the segulah from the Rashash, for children, health and prosperity. Experience the stunning silver train, masterfully crafted and unparalleled in beauty and sure to enhance any home. View the illuminated Parshat Ketoret on Klaf, a Segulah from the Kaf HaChaim for wealth and success. This exquisite master-piece is available in either Sephardic or Ashkenazic script and may be customized to your specifications. Elegant kesubos, everyone a work of art, are a beautiful way to begin building a Bayit Neeman b'Yisroel. Tiferes Stam's stunning illuminated megillos make the perfect Purim gift. Visit Tiferes Stam's website to view their extensive line of megillos. Leave it to Tiferes Stam to feature the most extensive selection of stunning megillos available anywhere!

As we told you at the outset of this article, Tiferes Stam is no ordinary Judaica store, but rather an experience. Consider the Sefer Torah writing campaign a project that has raised millions of dollars for shuls, schools and other institutions the world over. Under Rabbi Pincus' professional and personal guidance, this program is a fundraising tool of tremendous scope. Cutting edge technology coupled with Tiferes Stam's commitment to superb service make for a winning combination. Tefillin & Mezuzah inspections and Long Distance Service facilitate the process. Same Day Service is provided. Tiferes Stam has a Battim specialist on premises to restore your battim to look like new. Tefillin and Mezuzos can be inspected and returned the same day. They specialize in Sefer Torah restoration and offer free consultations.