Buying a Sefer Torah

Tiferes Stam inc. was established by Rabbi Zvi Chaim Pincus, a certified Sofer Stam- Torah Scribe in September of 1985. From day one we have been located at 1664 Coney Island Ave. in the Midwood section of Brooklyn NY. We offer one of the largest selections of Torah Scrolls in the United States. All of our Sifrei Torah are written in Israel by the most prominent and experienced Torah Scribes.

As your personal agent, Rabbi Pincus will oversee and supervise the writing of your Sefer Torah from start to finish. He will take full responsibility to ensure that your Sefer Torah writing experience will be one of your most cherished moments to be remembered for a life time. At Tiferes Stam customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

We have Sifrei Torah available in various stages of completion.  Commission a Sefer torah from the beginning and have it completed within a year.

Choose a Sefer Torah, ready for completion of the last letter to celebrate your Siyum and Hachnasat Sefer Torah immediately. You determine the date and we will have your Sefer Torah ready on time. Sifrei Torah are available in various sizes:

    Full Size – 18-20 inch parchment
    Medium Size – 16 inch parchment
    Small Size – 10-14 inch parchment
    Miniature Size – 5-8 inch parchment

We offer Torah scrolls in all Ktavim(scripts) to accommodate your special custom or minhag.

    Ktav Bet Yosef – used by Ashkenazim
    Ktav Ari Zal - used by Chabad and others who follow the Hasidic Costumes
    Ktav Sephardi used by Sephardim from the Middle Eastern culture.


Price categories vary from $24,000 - $55,000; the cost is determined by the consistency and beauty of the Ktav(script). All of our Torah Scrolls are 100% Kosher and acceptable irrelevant of price. The materials used in the Sefer Torah – Klaf (parchment) and ink are the best available in Israel today. The Price of the Sefer Torah includes all necessary inspections and proof reading with a final inspection by computer. Your Sefer Torah is guaranteed to be 100% kosher and fit for use.

Sefer Torah Campaigns:
Organizations and Shuels should take advantage of the expertise in coordinating a Sefer Torah fundraisers event. Campaigns have generated funds anywhere from covering the cost of the Sefer Torah to as high as 2 million dollars.

A Sefer Torah from TIferes Stam assures you:

  •     The opportunity to have a beautiful Sefer Torah according to your specific budget and size requirements.
  •     The opportunity to support the Israeli economy as all of our sofrim reside in Israel
  •     The assurance that your Sefer Torah project is carefully supervised form start to finish by a reputable and experienced sofer here in the USA.
  •     On time delivery for your special event.
  •     That we guarantee your total satisfaction as hundreds of Tiferes Stam Sefer Torah owners can testify to.

References can be supplied upon your request.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sefer Torah Sium Celebration with Tiferes Stam

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