Size: 19 inch Shlil Quality parchment written in 245 column format of 42 lines each

Script: Bais Yosef style Ktav. Ktav is very clearly written with  ample spacing between words. A Torah reader’s dream. This strong Ktav will endure for years of excellent service.

This beautiful Sefer Torah was written by our Sofer/ Scribe Rabbi Yaakov Weinberger in Bnei Brak Israel . It was written on quality parchment / klaf. We have been working with Rabbi Weinberg for the past 20 years.

There are approximately 75 to 100 letters left open for completion at the Siyum Celebration.

The Torah is ready for the Hachnassat Sefer Torah celebration.

The price includes 2 visual Hagaah Inspections by our certified Sofrim in Israel as well a final inspection in the USA at Tiferes Stam premises. The Sefer Torah is scanned and Inspected by Computer to ensure perfection in every way possible.

The price includes delivery from Israe to Tiferes Stam premises in Brooklyn NY.

Ready for immediate delivery.


Included in price is the Sefer Torah with all inspections and final inspection by computer to ensure Sefer Torah is 100% Kosher. 

Complete Sefer Torah available for viewing.

Ready for completions of final letters.

Custom sized Atzei Chaim Torah Rollers available at additional cost.

Custom embroidered Torah Mantel is available at additional cost.

Bais Yosef Bold with strong connecting lines and crowns.

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Full Size Sefer Torah Scroll 19 Inch(48 cm) Ashkenaz Bais Yosef

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