Kosher Megillas Esther

Writng Is Bais Yoseph (For Those with Ashkenazic lineage)

Hamelech on Each Column

28 Lines On Each Column

14.5" Height

Tiferes Stam Has Been The Safrus Center Selling Tefillin, Mezuzahs, Torah Scrolls And Megillahs For Over Twenty Five Years. Serving New York And The World Over With Safrus From Only the Finest Certified Sofers (Scribe).  Our Megillahs Are All Guaranteed Kosher According To Halacha. Prices Vary According To Quality of The Writing. Satisfaction Guaranteed, returns for our Megillat Esther are accepted for a full refund within one week of purchase (delivery date).

For Customer Service Please Call: 718-336-6866


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Megillas Esther, Bais Yoseph, 14.5", 28 Lines, Hamelech

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