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Basic Kosher Mezuzah Scroll
This mezuzah scroll is handwritten by one of our reputable Soferim (Scribes) in Israel. It has be..
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Kosher Mezuzah Scroll L’Mehadrin
This Mezuzah Scroll has a fine and elegant Script. Although not as bold as some of our other mezu..
Kosher Mezuzah Scroll, Extra Small
Extra Small Kosher Mezuzah Scroll. As can be seen from the samples shown, penmanship of scribes..
Kosher Mezuzah Scroll, Standard
Notice the clarity and distinct spacing of the letters and words of this hand written Mezuzah Scr..
Kosher Mezuzah Scroll- Mehudar
Notice the consistency and uniformity of this beautiful mezuzah Scroll. Reading this Mezuzah Scro..
Kosher Mezuzah – Mehadrin Min Hamehadrin
The Majestic Mezuzah has an exquisite Ktav. It is hard to believe this scroll was written by hand..
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