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Bar Mitzvah Kiddush Cup
Sterling silve kiddush cup with silvet tefillin design and standing bar mitzvah boy. ..
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Bar Mitzvah Treasury
The Bar Mitzvah is marked by joyous festivities and happiness as the young man takes his place am..
Basic Kosher Mezuzah Scroll
This mezuzah scroll is handwritten by one of our reputable Soferim (Scribes) in Israel. It has be..
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Bat Mitzvah Treasury
As a young girl becomes a young lady as a Bat Mitzvah, she learns lessons of responsibility and t..
Dairy Gourmet Cook Book
Over 80 of the best and famous recipes from Tastebuds Cafe. Italian, French, Israeli, vegetarian ..
For The Bride & Groom
silver judaica kiddush cup for the bride and groom. ..
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Kiddush Cup flower design Silver plated
Kiddush Cup flower design Silver plated ..
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Kitoret On Parchment
The parsha of Kitoret beautifully preesentid on parchment. Iluminated with pictures and cased in ..
Mitzvah Locomotive
This uniqu sterling silver masterpiece looks like a locomotive but?... dismanteled it`s a Havdall..
Pitum Haketoret
There is a custom to recite the Pitum Haketoret from a handwritten klaf written in ksav Ashuris, ..
This beautiful Kosher shofar is a great gift for any acation. We carry a full range of rams horn ..
Silver Atara Magen David Square
Beautiful Magin David square design ataro made out of 100% Sterling Silver. Made to beautify your..
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