Megillat Esther Illustrated

illustrated megillat esther scroll

Megillat Esther ,the Scroll of Esther is read during the festival of Purim. The Megilla is one of the only sacred texts read in public, and its parchment is the only one that can be decorated and illuminated. It has therefore been the subject of much artwork for centuries.
We propose different designs of the illustrated megillah, all of them hand-painted on parchment. The text is written by an expert scribe - Sofer Stam- and is certified kosher for public reading.

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BAIS YOSEF STYLE, 21 lines, 10 parchment (Hamelech) Only One Of One Available ..
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Illustrated Megillat Esther Scroll
Writng Is Bais Yoseph (For Those with Ashkenazic lineage) Hamelech on Each Column 21 Line..
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